Monday, February 21, 2011

The Baumholder Boom

This update is a long time coming...Three birthdays, two holidays, a middle school retreat, one possible new house...and a partridge in a pear tree! lol

Jason is working feverishly at his "new" job as the rear detachment personnel officer, boy that's a mouthful and his job is a handful!

I am still working hard to find us a new house and I think finally I have made some headway

Tey came for a visit over the Christmas holiday and made more friends in her short time here than we have been able to since we've been here!

Derrick is gearing up for graduation and then plans to attend Pierce college in the fall

Robert stays busy in school with cheer leading and drama (class, no real drama thank you!) He recently had his tonsils removed and participated in a school play which was HILARIOUS if I do say so myself

Ms Ceara continues to keep us busy with her love of basketball. Her team is having a good season and is preparing for the end of season tournament. GO BOOM!

More to follow...monthly we hope!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

November Pictures

5 Dec, 2010

Okay, okay so it has been a while and there is SO much to catch up on! We are moved in and still unpacking. Finally down to the last few boxes. Starting from the smallest kid to the biggest adult, here are the updates. Ceara patiently awaits the start of basketball season. She has made the honor roll at school and is active with the yearbook and PE clubs. Robert also made the honor roll and received his letter in tennis. Derrick got his letter in Cross Country. The parents continue staying busy driving the kids all over Germany, dealing with the Holidays, work and a trip to Euro Disney. We can officially say we were not super impressed but had fun regardless. This week we focus on Robert getting his tonsils removed and getting our car up and running again. If you haven't heard, Jason hit a deer the other day and even though the car is still drivable, there is some work that needs to be done.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


King family adventures is finally off pause! We can finally see the floor in our living room (don't ask where we hid everything) and all the kiddos are settled in school. Things are finally starting to feel like a normal routine. There are so many things to update, it's hard to find a starting point so we will put the question out there...what would you like to know?
So far there have been requests for pics of the house, and tomorrow we will post some. There will also be pictures of the past month of our slow PAINFUL unpacking process and then pictures of the week! The kids already have a ton of activities so there should be no end to the updates from here on out :) It's bed time for us so that's all for now (I know lame, but Germany has turned us into old people).